This Week at Six Beers Deep – 10/27/2020

Oct 27, 2020 – Evi1 Abed


This week at Six Beers Deep we began winding down for the season and ramping up for the next one. We had the raid race, sign ups for the 3v3 draft tournament were wrapped up and the Festival of the Lost is coming to a close soon.

As new people filter in, some old ones are heading out. Be sure to wish our old friends well and say hi to them in the wild, and let’s give our new members a warm welcome!

Fun Run!

This season’s raid race was a sight to behold. Eight teams entered and eight teams prevailed, the most we’ve ever had that were able to complete each raid back-to-back (to-back-to-back). This time around the rules were a little different. Every encounter was done as Bungie intended, warts and all.

 The results have come in, and the team placements and final finish times are as follows:

1st  – Casually Competitive – 4:23:20 EST
2nd – Uncapped Frames – 4:25:48 EST
3rd – Team <Redacted> – 5:02:07 EST
4th – Skybanner’s Oath – 5:06:32 EST
5th – Raid Race and Chill – 5:39:16 EST
6th – Cheesy Pancakes – 6:04:19 EST
7th – Team Rogue – 6:17:13 pm EST
8th – Six Shots of Whiskey – 7:16:02 pm EST

It was a tough finish but deemed a fair fight. Thank you again to all participants, and to all of the referees who helped us track each team’s progress and who assisted with any issues.


Let the Dungeon Games Begin!

Dungeons are a great activity unique to Destiny 2. Dungeons, or as I like to call them, “three-player mini-raids”, are usually a bit more on the lengthy and mechanical side of missions. Destiny 2 has three of them, and we feel like you should check them out before they’re obsolete or temporarily removed! To incentivize this, let me tell you about our most recent event. 

Introducing the Six Beers Deep Dungeon Games! 

An event like we’ve never done before! Which class will reign supreme with the fastest times? 

The rules are simple:

  1. Run the dungeon of your choosing with a full SBD fireteam of the same class.
  2. You may only submit one verification for your fireteam, per dungeon with your fastest time.
  3. One class only per dungeon.

You may not resubmit a faster time, so feel free to run it back before submitting. At the end of the event, the times will be averaged per dungeon for each class and the class with the fastest average times across all three dungeons will win! Slow times submitted beyond a certain threshold will not be eligible (as to not skew results.) 

The winning class will win an emoji for the server that represents their class and every person who submitted a time for the winning class will receive 50 bottlecaps. 

You have now until Saturday to run the dungeons, and Sunday we will make a channel to post your verification times in. We will announce the winner on Monday, Nov. 4th.

A Fantastic Tournament

If PvE is not your cup of tea, we’re having a totally different type of event for you crucible lovers out there. The 3v3 Draft Tournament is happening this weekend as well.

Starting at 7pm EST on October 30th, 17 teams will enter the gauntlet and duke it out to see who reigns supreme. The teams have already been selected, but you can enter the Fantasy League for this tournament and earn caps if your selected team performs well! I think. I’m honestly not too sure how this fantasy league stuff works. Sportsball fans might know something about this.

If you’re interested in participating in the Fantasy League, be sure to check out the #3v3-fantasy-league channel for signup information.

Clip of the Week

Lots of Titans in the winning clips this week! As a reminder, you can submit any clips you’ve taken to the #clip-of-the-week channel for a chance to be featured in that week’s TWASBD.

Winner – One-Phase Consecrated Mind for the Raid Race Win by Mad Hutty


Multiple Bonks by Stinnemans

That’s it for this week’s TWASBD. Short and sweet, and totally not a day late or anything.

Thanks for all of your participation in these events, we know Destiny’s been a bit dry lately, but you all make it all worth it.

Stay Cool,
-Evi1 Abed

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