This Week at Six Beers Deep – May 7, 2020


New members to the clan:

Thank you all for being here!  We have had so many new people join. We are so glad to have you.  One thing we wanted to point out is you will not be able to use @here until you obtain a beer.  Easiest way to obtain a beer: Go to #registration and click the number for your sub clan. Take a pic of your discord profile. Put the pic in #clan-card-verification. You will also find the current clan card pinned in that channel. Once again welcome to Six Beers Deep @☕Sober


Weekly Raid Challenges Anyone?


We’ve updated all the weekly challenge spreadsheets in the last two weeks we have helped members with: 19 GoS sherpas, 32 people got Divinity, 4 leviathan catalysts, 2 Tarrabah, 29 any leviathan raid sherpas, 3 luxurious toasts, and 4 last wish sherpas! Spaz is working on catching up with the points, so check the spreadsheets and check in with him if you think something was missed. Remember each weekly challenge has it’s own tab. Keep up the awesome work!


How would you like to win a special emblem?

This is a Destiny is Gorgeous scavenger hunt…all you have to do is go to the pictured locations, pull up your ghost and remember what the ghost says. Send a DM with numbers 1-5 and their ghost locations to clan member: medic fmf. First one WINS!












Clip Of The Week goes to: xTheorize5191

Know Your Angles


And More Videos Worth Sharing

Surf Rogue – Lucky Guardian


Mr Boofers 1v3


H to the Ickle – Double Play


Daddy Uldren – Missile Punch Shutdown


Thanks for Reading!

You all continue to make this a great community and we cannot thank you enough for being a part of it! To all of you that completed the survey, your input was appreciated and will be immensely helpful in identifying ways we can grow and be the absolute best clan out there. For more ways to support the clan, check out our support page or connect with us on Social Media!

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