Clan Triumphs

Six Beers Deep’s Clan Card is a way to incentivize our players to play with and challenge one another. Similar to in-game Titles, the Clan Card is our Clan’s personal seasonal title filled with unique Clan Triumphs that are challenging and cooperative. These Clan Triumphs can be anything from a unique Raid challenge to a tough Crucible dare. Each triumph earns you a Beer. Each Beer grants you a unique Discord Role and name color to match.

Clan Triumphs are revealed as a season goes on. Every season Six Beers Deep has a new Clan Card that can be completed over the course of that season. Completing the Clan Card will grant you a Seasonal Discord Role and access to an exclusive chat channel that represents our most dedicated Destiny players.

A requirement in Six Beers Deep is to fulfill at least one Clan Triumph from the Clan Card per season by verifying in the proper channel on our Discord server. To verify a Clan Triumph, post a screenshot showing completion in our Clan-Card-Verification channel. A Bartender (AKA Admin) will be along shortly to take record of your Triumph and promote you accordingly.


Previous Season’s Clan Cards

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