Season 8

Please attempt play your matches in order from Round 1 to Round 6 (yes, the teams in the upper two brackets will be double-booked for one round). If you are unable to follow exact order, please try to complete all games in rounds 1-3 before moving on to rounds 4-6. You have until 11:59pm EST Sunday to finish your weekly matches. The 20 teams are split into 3 different divisions.

The divisions will work themselves out based on skill each week. Right now the only variable at play is order of sign-up. The rules are simple and are as follows:

Game Mode – Countdown
Revive Count – Unlimited
Round Time – 5 minutes
Round To Win – 6


Boon of the AA Either win or lose against an AA team and earn loss forgiveness or the Relapsed title in discord
Boon of the Shutout Shutout a team (win 0 rounds) to earn a double win Or Get shutout to earn loss prevention
Boon of the Beer Earn Clan rank 6 to start each week with a free win
Mercy of the Beer Earn Clan rank 3 to have loss prevention on your first loss of the week

Arming the Bomb results in immediate forfeit. You will not be allowed to win on defense by hiding. The defending team must attempt to engage in combat in the final 30 seconds of each round. The offensive team will not wait until the last 30 seconds to make the first engagements. (In short, both sides need to try to play a fair match)

No loadout restrictions. No Class/Team-comp restrictions. Heavy can only be used on rounds 3,6 and 9. Please download your Trials card and mark it up as you go. Team captains will be responsible to submit your team’s card to #trials-verification every week.

Reminder that 2 of your signed-up members must be in each match. Anyone in the clan can act as a sub for the 3rd spot if you need a sub. Let’s have some fun!



lmAAo – JackedUp Jonesy, Ravaras, Silent UK

HELL YEAH – Lunalyze, Triptymine, elBrownimal

Uh-Oh! Oreo – Dayum Dangle, Murdereus, Weekday Nachos

Lambs to the Slaughter – blackbuc911, lipidquadcab, lordtacolord

Guardian Down! – MWMissile, Krazyk913, Theo

Shit Ultimatums – Lazypanda7, Itz Jeffwee, Bunkagoose

StrAAight up AApes – THE GHOST OF UNCLAD, Beborp, Marcolepsy

Arba-Best – Thundarus, CMEagles, Dadda Jeremy

Team Name 10 – Saiyan Jalapeno, BadgerVT, Penn56

Denali – Burden of Peace, AlaskaLostCauze, BlankDeathSoul

Exiles – DiokindaCute, Zekken YK, Endless Suns

Hyuuuunnn – Devwah, invalue, jtrack473

Confusion – Catchanrelease, Kitsune Tenko 9, Beeftastic

Chalice of Indolence – Grand Amun Ra, Grobbard, DC403

blAAz it – blazzintrails, iRodgerDodger, vileheadhunter

Road House – MrPewp3w, xMugShots, SpareHorizon89

“pending review” – ghostscout BEN1, Spaz, Doetei

Exiled Light – Krocodile2002, ayybis, zboxman362

Ratatouille – Vonyeer, Atlas the Deity, Nikhil0124

Ahhbis Sucks – FutureIsHere, zenretsuken, EmiluSunshine

Leeroy Jenkins – Medic fmf, RevRolo, TSE Peff

Waste Management – INSANEw00kie, POExTAYxTOES, Poopsy Collins

Unknown – SithLrdVad, ShujinkoOfTime, Anima the Aeon

Ninjas without a clue- redskinrich, l3rae, me is andy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Boofers – Nasty L Nate, Labeda101, Mr Boofers

Here for the Clan Card – Gorzooth, Argive, TKE1147

Coast2Coast – t0land, MrGrillMaster, SurkUK

FA_Q – Ethezia, inline1, Krayz komanche4

Dunder Mifflin – WobblyOpossum69, Blacksniper18, erikmosi

Three and Out – OptimusMikeG1, SashaS, Mapbot

The Bruh Squad – jbmatty25, the best mrkill, (sub)



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