Amongst our ranks, we have over 30 dedicated pvp players with KD ratios above 2.0, 50 members above 1.75, 100 players above a 1.5, 200 players above a 1.25 kd, and 350 above 1.0. We’ve collectively helped 250+ members obtain Luna’s Howl/Recluse/MountainTop/Revoker and 22 members obtain Not Forgotten. We also have many great weekly, seasonal and permanent activities to show off your skills or help you improve. 


When we aren’t going to the light house. We have been known to spend our time mutilating each other’s corpses in clan events such as bar brawl a past 1v1 bracket system, trials of Dionysus, a previous 3v3 elimination and even a tournament using Ace of Spades only. We also offer unique in clan PvP bounties.


Scrims are organized practice sessions where each week we focus on a specific game mode, weapon type or other aspect of PvP. They are a great away to get better at PvP while getting a chance to meet fellow community members and have fun.


Carries are a way for players to obtain various Crucible pinnacle weapons and achievements while playing with a team of elite Crucible players in our clan. Join our discord to learn more.


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