Our community has a thriving population of dedicated players who have conquered all pinnacle PvE activities. Whether it’s forming a fireteam to jump into the latest raid or putting together a team to tackle the current season’s PvE activity, there are always players in our community ready to help you with whatever challenge you are looking to take on.



Raiding is the pinnacle PvE activity in Destiny and our community has a number of players with flawless, low man, and speed run completions to raid with. Whether you are looking to form a team to tackle any raid challenges required for that season’s title or you need a Sherpa to guide you through the latest raid, we have you covered.



We are always looking to challenge ourselves within our community, which is why we frequently hold various weekly events, often geared towards PvE activities. Past events have focused on high score nightfall runs, Shattered Throne speed and solo/flawless runs, and raid marathons. We also host an event at the beginning of each season where members strive to be the first fireteam in our community to complete the newest raid.



We have a team of experienced PvE players who can help you complete any challenge in the game you are looking to do. Whether it’s getting that flawless raid you need to finish off a seasonal title or completing a difficult weapon quest, you can play with elite PvE players to complete whatever activity you need done.



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