Explore the universe of Destiny with the leading clan on Xbox backing you up.

Six Beers Deep supports its players with a robust discord and web platform through looking-for-group channels, events and giveaways, with an emphasis on playing together and helping one another. We believe that the strength of our clan starts with the individual. We know Destiny can be a daunting game, and without friends it can be difficult to experience it all. With our various guides, sherpas and all around helpful members, players can experience aspects of the game that they never could before.

Participate in a thriving community that encourages players to challenge themselves and come together.

Engage with a self-contained community within Destiny
Six Beers Deep isn’t just a clan, it’s a community. We have a podcast, we support our content creators and we have much more to do than simply look for players to play Destiny with. We value our clan-mates and do our best to support players by assisting them with in-game achievements, helping them achieve clan accolades and providing a safe and encouraging space to game. We participate and compete in some of the top challenges in both player vs. environment and player vs. player settings without boasting.

Participate in frequent clan events
Six Beers Deep hosts crucible and gambit tournaments, community challenges and contests of all types. Each event has unique rewards that range from in-clan rewards to physical items such as weapon replicas or gaming accessories.

Progress outside of the game
Destiny 2’s clan system is limited to say the least. With Six Beers Deep you are rewarded for playing with any members of any of our sub-clans through our custom clan tag API. Progress within the clan by playing with other members and completing our seasonal clan seals, our Destiny-inspired set of challenges that include pinnacle challenges within Destiny as well as clan-specific challenges.

We understand
Different players have different abilities, goals and ambitions. Whether a hobbyist or a more casual player, Six Beers Deep has something for everybody.

In order to enter the bar and become part of the community, you must be age 21+, actively use discord, and meet 3 of the following requirements:

A) 50+ raid clears
B) 100+ raid clears
C) 200+ raid clears
D) 1.1+ overall crucible kd
E) 1.5+ overall crucible kd
F) 2.0+ overall crucible kd
G) 1 completed raid seal
H) 1 completed crucible seal


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