Meet The Staff

Six Beers Deep is an XBOX clan made for adults, by adults.  Our player base is primarily NA & EU and is composed of competent gamers ranging from causal to hardcore in both PvE and PvP.  We have an active discord and personalized clan ranks tied to accomplishing difficult tasks with other clan members (just in case you already didn’t have enough to grind for). We are the best clan on Xbox and close to the largest.

JackedUp Jonesy

Hey, I’m Jonesy! Boring stuff out of the way first; I’m an electrical engineer with a focus in power systems and a proud graduate of the University of Tennessee. I have a beautiful wife who I’ve been with for over 13 years and have 3 awesome pets (1 dog, 2 cats). Some of my other passions are Tennis (I received a scholarship to Auburn University to play Tennis my Freshman year of college) , cars, lifting weights (hence the “JackedUp”), amongst others.

Gaming has always been a huge part of my life. It’s provided me with a means of escaping the real world and a venue for me to pursue a lifelong hobby. When I first laid my hands on Destiny, I knew this franchise was something special. As I set out to find more people to play Destiny with, I strive to make a community that I would personally love to be a part of. 1000+ members later, I believe I’ve done a pretty decent job. You can always find me on discord or Twitch if you have any question about our amazing community! Cheers!



Greetings fellow beers. It’s lipidquadcab, one of your friendly neighborhood bartenders! Games have always been a big part of my life, from the beginning when I was playing Commodore 64 and Odyssey2 in my parents’ game room up until today, where I dedicate the majority of my time to the game that has brought all of us here: Destiny. In between, I was an avid fan of anything Mario, spent my weekends playing Goldeneye 007 (where I reached the peak of my PvP career when I won a 1v3 using a racing wheel), and wasted the best years of my college career playing Halo 2 multiplayer until the sun came up.

I have been a member of the Six Beers Deep community since November 2018 and became a Bartender in June 2019. When I am not handing out beers in #verification (where everyone :SBDPinned: :smile:) I can usually be found chasing triumph points, banging my head against the curse of the Dreaming City in the Shattered Throne, or floating in orbit, trying to conquer the true endgames of Destiny: fashion and vault space.

Outside of gaming, I am a test technician for an avionics company, where I spend most of my time pretending to work while I listen to podcasts and soundtracks. I live in a small town in eastern Iowa with my two dogs and cat. I love almost all forms of cooking, and am especially fond of grilling and smoking. In addition to the Six Beers Deep discord, I can be found on twitter @lipidquadcab and on Twitch at


Atlas The Deity

Hey, I am Atlas the Deity(Atlas) and I am a Sophomore at the University of Idaho. I am kind of a geek and have always loved video games. I am mainly a PVE player in the world of Destiny but I dabble in the PVP when I am bored or have to. I really enjoy going for low man challenges, completing seals, and just messing around with friends. If you ever want to check me out, I will soon be streaming at


Hello Six Beers Deep! I’m Marcolepsy120, but people around here call me Marco. Well, they’re wrong, the name’s Marc. I’ve been gaming since the NES had the running pad for that Olympic track and field game. So yeah I’m kind of old, but don’t mistake me for some past his prime Dad gamer. Though I am a proud father to a 1 year old, I still do what it takes to hold my own in the shooters I enjoy. Like Halo, Gears, but most of all Destiny where I spend most of my time in the crucible. 

I’ve been in Six Beers Deep since December of 2018 and a Bartender since June of 2019. My main contributions are organizing our weekly PVP scrims, assisting members with PVP through our alcoholics anonymous service, and being a contributor to PVP improvement with gameplay reviews and general strategy discussion. Secondary contributions include a high frequency of below average jokes and optimism bordering on delusion.

I can be found easily in discord, or check out my mostly average gameplay on twitch:


What’s up guardians. Spaz here. Once you come to know me better, you’ll know there’s two things I love, Destiny and Hot Cheese. I’ve been gaming since I was 5. First game I ever really got into was Zelda Ocarina of Time, even though I played several other games. Eventualy I got hooked on to Halo and Xbox became my go to. I graduated from NCSU in 2016 with a degree in mechanical engineering, and I started my own business.

When Destiny came around I became hooked, and now Six Beers Deep is family. In June of 2019 my brother and I even traveled 600 miles and picked up Kawsmic just to go to Disney and meet up with several other members to ride roller coasters, bowling, and drinks. We’ve built SBD to be a home for guardians.

When it comes to Destiny, you’ll definitely find me in the PvE side of things. I love raiding and doing the raid challenges and helping other conquer the darkness. I’m almost always down to help anyone complete any quest or challenge, so if you see me online got me up in discord. I might need to get some hot cheese first though.


Blackbuc, Buc, BB…whichever you choose to call me, the real name is Chris. I’m a regular nerd who also deeply loves sports and being outdoors. When I am indoors, you’ll find me around the Destiny galaxy running raids, trying not to lose motes, and on the occasion popping heads off in the crucible. I’ve been in SBD for about a year now and the clan quickly became like a family to me and I hope it becomes like one for you as well. Eyes up Guardian, there’s beer to be drank!


My name is missile, I’m 33 and enjoy long walks over hive corpses. Oh wait this is a bartender profile not a dating profile. Good thing too, my wife would kill me.  I joined SBD in November 2018 and became a bartender October 2019 due to my sparkling personality. I’ve been gaming since before I could walk. I was beating up Bowser by the time I was 2 and now I beat back the darkness every night. I am a Titan, 100%. You’ll only see me on anything else just to collect some raid loot. If you are looking for me you can probably find me in the crucible trying to make Lord Shaxx proud or hell even Marco, I’m not picky.

Mr Boofers

Hey everyone. My name is Mr Boofers, but most call me Boof. I’m a husband, a father, and a gamer; in that order. Family means the world to me and they take priority in my life. When I’m not changing diapers and playing dress up with my girls, you’ll find me slaying gods and saving the universe with the best community in Destiny: Six Beers Deep.

I love helping people. Both in game and in life. I’m an Occupational Therapy Assistant and work with disabled children from birth to 18 years old. My calling in life is to help others and to promote quality of life for any individual. I do my best to carry that over into the SBD community. If you need someone to game with, or just someone to listen, you know where to find me.

“As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us really is, that each of us has something that no one else has- or ever will have- something inside that is unique to all time. It’s our job to encourage each other to discover that uniqueness and to provide ways of developing its expression.” -Mr. Rogers


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