You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.

About Us

Have you grown up playing games, continuing the hobby well into adulthood? Would you like to join a community, some might consider a family, of like-minded members who’s goal is to better themselves by helping others? Six Beers Deep is the best clan on any platform for adults.

While our name might suggest otherwise, we rarely play while drinking; the name is simply an emphasis on a 21+ community. We don’t deal with drama. We’re all working adults with jobs and families. Our raids and crucible games aren’t sloppy messes. Our clan has numerous high caliber players in both PvE and PvP.

Unique SBD Activities

Seasonal Clan Card. There are 12 unique challenges we create every season for members to strive for. Completing each triumph awards clan rank and a prize for unlocking all 12.

Custom Clan Point System. Think of this like collecting dog tags; we have coded our own API tool that awards points for playing with clan members and is shown on a seasonal & all time leaderboard on our website

Active Discord. With 1000 members, you are sure to quickly fill any activity you’re looking for. With our quality members, you are guaranteed to complete any activity you set out to do.

Access to our communities’ Designated Drivers. The DD are a group of 50 guardians that have a combined 10,000+ raid sherpas and 1,000+ lighthouse carries

By participating in clan activities, members can earn bottlecaps to redeem on weekly, monthly, and seasonal giveaways to include: emblems, carries, dlc, badges, 3d printed seals/guns/tokens, new Xboxes, items from the Bungie store and more!



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